meet zipporah!


Grizzlies Prep’s first Americorp Vista!

Zipporah Robinson joined the Grizzlies Prep team last semester and has been working hard behind the scenes to strengthen our mentoring opportunities for both volunteers and students. She is empowered to do this work through the Americorp Vista Program in partnership with the City of Memphis.


Q&A with Zipporah!

Why do you value Mentoring so much?

I enjoy observing the potential in each student, and it is amazing to see them develop and grow into productive people.

What have you learned about young men in Memphis during your time with Grizzlies Prep?

They are very misunderstood. There is an unfortunate perception that all young black males are bad, in poverty, from the hood, or lack the skills to be successful. That doesn’t represent the young men at Grizzlies Prep.

What would you say to those interested in the americorp vista program?

The Vista program is great if you are looking for an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and gain valuable skills and perspectives. The network you gain leads to incredible opportunities. I found it very useful if you are looking to relocate to a new city but

What would you say to those on the fence about mentoring?