Play a Generous Role in the Success of Memphis!

Memphis has become nationally recognized as a generous city because of folks like you giving towards causes they believe in. December 3rd is #GivingTuesday which provides you with a simple opportunity to rally with fellow Memphians to make a difference.

The majority of male students are struggling in our city, with only 6% of young men of color prepared for college according to the ACT. Grizzlies Prep has spent the past 7 years developing these students and needs your help to sustain these efforts.


Help Students Reach Their Potential

Grizzlies Prep is a charter school, which means we operate using public funds. However, these dollars only cover 80% of the resources it takes to give young men what they need to thrive. Students are facing steep academic deficits, social-emotional challenges and need clear paths towards higher education.

We need 25 people to give $25 a month

These young men are capable of so much. They need institutions that will continue to push them to reach their potential. This #GivingTuesday please sign up to give $25 a month over the next year. Stop sitting on the sidelines and be proud that you are a part of Memphis’s success!