Scholar Commitment

Grizzlies Prep scholars sign the commitment statement below.  Grizzlies Prep staff hold scholars to all aspects of their commitment.

I commit to arrive at Grizzlies Prep each day on time, in uniform and with a productive attitude.

I commit to work hard and to help others at Grizzlies Prep the entire day.

I commit to work, think and act in the best way I know how and to do Whatever It Takes to learn and prepare for college.  Toward those ends, I commit to:

  • Completing all my assignments on time;
  • Handing in homework that is neat, accurate, and my best work;
  • Calling my teachers if I have a question with the homework or a problem with coming to school; and,
  • Asking questions in class if I do not understand something.

I commit to discuss any concerns I have with my parents and teachers.

I commit to behave in a way that ensures the safety, interest and rights of all individuals in the school.

I commit to be responsible for my own behavior.

I commit to honoring Crew time as a time for reflection and support for my classmates and myself.

I commit to demonstrating the core values of courage, commitment, integrity and responsibility.

I commit to honor the Grizzlies Prep community through my thoughts, actions and ideas and doing Whatever It Takes to make Grizzlies Prep a school of excellence.