Uniforms & School Supplies


To send the clear message that the Grizzlies Prep school community is a place of scholarship, hard work, professionalism, and respect, every scholar is required to report to school each day in full uniform.  Uniforms also build a strong sense of community, maintaining a culture driven by academic achievement that limits distractions. 

Scholars will be expected to wear brown or black dress shoes, brown or black socks, khaki or navy blue slacks, plain brown or black leather dress belt, a school-approved button down shirt, and the Grizzlies Prep cardigan or sweater vest at all times while in the school building. Click here for more information on acceptable shoes and belts.

Scholars will dress out for gym Monday through Thursday. Scholars wear athletic shoes, solid color athletic shorts and their Grizzlies t-shirt during gym. 

Grizzlies Prep's Uniform Vendor

School Supplies

Scholars are required to arrive at school each day with six no.2 pencils (not mechanical) and loose-leaf paper.  Every student will be required to pay $45 to Grizzlies Prep at the beginning of the school year to cover the student’s school supply needs for the entirety of the school year. The $45 covers the supplies he will need for his grade. Examples include binders, pencil pouch, homework folder, dividers, Grizzlies Prep t-shirt.

New scholars will also pay an additional one-time fee of $20 for the purchase of their scholar's Grizzlies Prep necktie.