Parent/Guardian Commitment

Each school year, Grizzlies Prep staff, scholars, and parents sign a commitment statement that outlines each signatory's responsibilities towards ensuring the scholar's time at Grizzlies Prep is maximally productive.  The parent commitment section states:

  • We commit to have our scholar to school on time and in uniform each day.
  • We commit to keep our scholar in school for the entire school day.
  • We commit to allow our scholar to stay after school for tutoring or other activities, and to arrange transportation home. 
  • We commit to make ourselves available to our scholar’s teachers and to address any concerns they may have.
  • We commit to attend all parent events and conferences.
  • We commit to give the school updated phone numbers and any change of address.
  • We commit to communicating any concerns with the school administrators immediately. 
  • We commit to check our scholar’s homework every night to make sure it is complete and his best work. 
  • We commit to whatever it takes to help our scholar be successful at Grizzlies Prep.