Head of School


The Head of School is responsible for directing and shaping the curricula and teaching processes for Grizzlies Prep. The Head of School also works with educational committees and advisory groups within the community to design the most appropriate curricula to meet the needs of students within their community.

Reports To:  Governing Board

FLSA: Exempt


  1. To embody, manifest, and advocate the mission of the school.
  2. To articulate the vision for the school and its future.
  3. To monitor and address all matters of school climate and culture.
  4. To manage the sometimes competing demands of the various constituencies of the school.
  5. To provide the Governing Board various scenarios and possibilities for the board to consider as it does its work focusing on the strategic future of the school.
  6. To work with the Governing Board, its chair, and its committees in carrying out established school policies; to review those policies and make recommendations for changes; to attend meetings, prepare reports, maintain board records, and keep trustees informed on all aspects of the school’s operations.
  7. To supervise the Director of Finance and Operations in the preparation of preliminary and final budgets; to monitor income, expenditures, collections, and cash flow; to maintain appropriate financial records; and to oversee the employee benefit program.
  8. To supervise programs for the recruitment of students, including marketing outreach, information dissemination, applicant testing and interviews and acceptance decision.
  9. To represent the school to all of its constituents including neighborhood, parents, students, business community, faculty and staff.
  10. Serve as the leader of the GP Leadership Team and completes other administrative functions as necessary.


Bachelor’s Degree, four (4) years teaching experience, and prior role as a teacher-leader (e.g., grade-level or department leads) are required. Previous managerial experience is preferred.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to manage time efficiently and effectively.
  • Knowledge and abilities exhibiting strong leadership qualities.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse groups.


To apply for this position, submit the following to both pcouch [at] grizzliesprep [dot] org and bcrowe [at] grizzliesprep [dot] org:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter - tailored to the specific position
  • Position you are applying for