How many teams does the school field?

Grizzlies Prep fields two basketballl teams

What are the grade levels of players on each team?

Both teams include players from grades six through eight

Which league(s) do they play in?

One team plays in the Shelby County Interscholastic Athletic Association (SCIAA), the other plays in the Independent league at STAR Academy league

Who is the team's primary contact?

Coach Troy L. Simelton 901-474-0955

When are sign-ups/tryouts for the team open?

Families can sign up for basketball at Summer Orientation and during the first four weeks of school.

What are the season dates, if applicable any preseason or training camps?

For 2015-2016:

  • Basketball GRIT CAMP preseason conditioning Sept 12, 19, Oct 3. 
  • Try-outs Tues Oct.6 and Thurs Oct. 8. 
  • Basketball practice for 2 teams start Tues Oct. 20

What are the qualifications to play (e.g., minimum grade average, any other prerequisites)?

All athletes must:

  • Complete and submit documentation of a physical exam
  • Maintain at least a C+ average