At Grizzlies Prep we believe that success comes from the shared commitments made by teachers, parents and scholars.  Within the Grizzlies Prep structure, success will be measured by our scholars’ academic achievement and development of character.  All Grizzlies Prep instruction is driven and guided by national and state standards.  Our curriculum will focus on Mathematics, Financial Literacy, English, Reading, Science and Social Studies with four elective classes in each grade to prepare all students to excel in high school and college.  We believe that:

  • All students, of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and life circumstances can achieve at very high academic levels when highly effective teachers, using research-based strategies, prepare and carry out lessons.  High expectations are essential for academic success; students will perform to meet the level of expectation set by the staff, in both academic classes and with regard to behavior.
  • An all-boys school environment will allow teachers to tailor lessons and procedures to boys, which, research proves, has a positive impact on achievement.
  • Parents have the right to choose a school that prepares their child for the challenges of college and beyond.
  • All students deserve to learn in a highly structured, safe, rigorous learning environment.  All scholars at Grizzlies Prep are held to a strictly enforced Code of Conduct.  Strong character is necessary for success; Grizzlies prep will provide daily character education.
  • Constant, open and honest communication, reflection, evaluation of practices and desire to grow as a professional is crucial to the health and strength of our school.
  • Frequent assessment is necessary to provide valuable feedback that will inform decisions, assess current strategies and determine student mastery.  Data drives decisions.  Decisions at the classroom level and at the school level are informed by the actual student achievement data.
  • Developing strong literacy skills is critical to success in today’s world.  Grizzlies Prep will have at least two blocks of literacy every day, with additional literacy skills taught across the curriculum.

Students at Grizzlies Prep will achieve proficiency in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, as measured by the end-of-course assessment.  Grizzlies Prep students will perform at an achievement level that is equal to, or greater than, the achievement level of their peers across the state and the district, as demonstrated by a greater percentage achieving proficiency.

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