Letter from the Principal

Parker Couch

Dear Parents,

Having started my career at a failing Memphis City School years ago, I have a clear reference point of the educational opportunities available to most young men in Memphis. That is why Grizzlies Prep is a school where a student’s learning and learning environment are prioritized and protected. Our results show this focus is successful. Our English Language Arts department is in the top five in the city for academic growth. Our Science department is top five for overall achievement. In all TCAP-tested subjects, Grizzlies Prep students outperformed the district and state, with a greater proportion of students scoring proficient and advanced on each test. No wonder we were a Tennessee Reward school two years ago and a level five school last year.

When you enroll your son at Grizzlies Prep, he will experience effective teaching every moment of every day. An effective teacher at Grizzlies Prep is an individual who is first and foremost aligned to Grizzlies Prep’s core values of integrity, responsibility, courage, excellence, commitment, and grit. Secondly, an effective teacher at Grizzlies Prep is one who is enthusiastically receptive to constant feedback and coaching. Lastly, a teacher must strive for high student growth and high student achievement, and be able to demonstrate quantifiable student results through school and state approved measures.

I could not be more excited for the young men who come to Grizzlies Prep. It is truly a life changing experience that ends with your student ready to be successful in any high school and prepared to go to and through college.


Parker Couch