Educational Philosophy

We are relentlessly committed to student achievement.  We know that all students can and must achieve.  Our expectations are high, our desire for success is intense and our timeline is aggressive.  We use clear and concrete measures to determine achievement.  When we fail, we use our failings to develop better and more effective methods.  We constantly explore new strategies to increase our effectiveness and we never rely on pedagogical fads or ideologies.  We know that high expectations must be matched by high and efficient support.  We are united by our shared mission, the urgency of the calling and our relentless pursuit of academic achievement for all.

Why all boys?

Grizzlies Prep serves only boys for a number of reasons.

First, boys' academic achievement is stagnating while girls are making gains and surpassing their performance in nearly all subject and grades. Drs. Henry Neu and Rich Weinfeld observe that “nationally, boys are scoring lower in reading and in writing than girls, and their lead over girls in areas like science and math has now virtually disappeared.”  Drs. Naomi and Victor Chudowski note that “In reading, girls outperformed boys in 2008 at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  Higher percentages of girls than boys scored at or above the proficient level on state reading tests at grade 4, grade 8, and high school; in some states, these gaps exceeded 10 percentage points.”

Furthermore, many researchers contend that America is experiencing a "boys crisis" not only in academic achievement, but also in social and economic well-being. Men represent a decreasing share of college enrollments and are experiencing slower rates of wage and employment growth than women.

With an all-male student population, we will have the advantage of creating a boy-friendly school environment.  As stated by Dr. Leonard Sax, leading expert on single-sex education, “Team competition socializes boys.  It teaches boys to value something above themselves.  It subordinates some of the ego and the egocentricity that these boys often manifest.”  Dr. Sax also notes that competition and other activities that motivate and stimulate a boy’s attention are often lacking in school environments. 

Grizzlies Prep believes that an all-male middle school environment promotes academic achievement and social development. With our "no excuses" mentality, we believe all our scholars can and must reach our high academic and behavioral expectations so they can go to and through college and into a career of their choice.