Governing Board

What is the Governing Board?

The Governing Board of Grizzlies Prep ensures that all provisions of the charter are fulfilled in a manner consistent with the spirit and letter of the law. The Governing Board oversees financial management of the school; approves the school budget; and regularly reviews the school’s curriculum and calendar, goals, and objectives.

To learn more about Board members, visit our leadership page.

Contacting the Governing Board

The Governing Board and school leadership of Grizzlies Prep are committed to ensuring that the school's governance and operations are transparent, equitable, and executed efficiently.  Parents and stakeholders who have comments or concerns about the school's governance and operations are encouraged to contact Board members directly.  Visit our Leadership page to view Board member profiles and send them a message.  

All communication will be kept strictly confidential.

Board Meetings

In accordance with state law and stipulations in the school's charter, Grizzlies Prep's quarterly Governing Board meetings are open to the public.  Anyone may attend; giving notice to school staff or board members is not necessary. Meetings are held at the school on the fourth Thursday of each month at 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted, on the dates listed below.  

Board meetings are held in the second floor conference room at Grizzlies Prep unless otherwise noted. Meetings follow a standard agenda; click here to download.

Board Policies

The Governing Board has established school policies based on Grizzlies Prep's charter and in consultation with school leadership. State law stipulates that charter schools must make these policies available to the public.  Click here to download Grizzlies Prep's policies.